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Can we help you with your questions?

To ensure our customers have the best customer experience, we have set some basic rules of operation to address frequently asked questions relating to orders, shipping, delivery time, return policy, quality and privacy policies.


Q: My order never arrived, what should I do?


A: First of all relax and don't worry! We guarantee you will get it. Please go to the "Contact" tab and send us the details of your purchase and your order number and we will help to locate your package.

Q: My order arrived incomplete or damaged, what should I do?


A: Again, don't worry! We guarantee that you will be a happy customer. Please go to the "Contact" tab and send us the details of your purchase, your order number and a photo of the damaged item and we will replace it with a new item.


Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?


A: So by now you understand that our goal is to offer you the best products at the lowest cost. One of the ways of lowering the costs is by choosing a low cost shipping method, that unfortunately will extend the delivery time. We guarantee that the order will arrive up to 45 days after shipment (maybe even sooner). 

Q: Can I expedite the time of arrival?


A: Of course! But you will have to pay for the extra shipping charges. To get more information please contact us through the "Contact" tab.


Q: How much will it cost me to ship the product?


A: Our shipping is free! Yes, that is correct, free! 

Q: What about taxes & duties? Who pays for that?


A: To keep our operations simple, so you can enjoy low cost items, we do not handle taxes & duties, so this will be your responsibility. However, based on our experience, since we ship low value items, in most countries, the taxes & duties for such items are either zero or very low. In any case, we recommend you check this with your local postal services or Custom's official website. 

Q: If I order several items at once will it all be shipped in one package?


A: Good question! To keep the value of the shipment low (and therefore taxes & duties low), we ship each item separately. We think of all ways possible to lower our customer's costs! You're welcome!


Q: Can I return a product?


A: We do hope that you will never have to return an item, for any reason. In the unfortunate situation that you do wish to return an item, the following is our Return Policy: (1) An item that was received in a poor quality condition or differs from what was presented in the store, can be returned within 60 days after receipt. We will pay for the shipping costs in this case and the item should be returned to the Head Office address that appears in the "Contact" tab. Upon receipt of the item we will credit your account for the full price, (2) If you regret purchasing an item, and have not opened or used it, you can return it in its original packaging to the Head Office address within 60 days after receipt of the product, the shipping costs will be paid by you in this case. Upon receipt of the item we will credit your account for the full price. In both of these cases please contact us through the "Contact" tab so we can explain the process to you.


Q: Since the prices in this store are so reasonable does that mean you compromise on quality?


A: Absolutely not! We spend a lot of time and resources to find and source the best products available at the lowest cost possible. We hand pick each and every item and test it well before it is offered for sale. Our business model is based on lower margins with the ability to reach a wider range of customers.


Q: I am disclosing confidential information such as my credit card details and home address, Is there any risk for this information to reach the wrong hands? 


A: You have nothing to worry about! The information you disclose to us on this web site is confidential and we take precautions to protect this information. It will not be used for any purpose other than for the purpose of selling you the items that have been chosen and  for future communication of promotions and product updates that you might be interested in from time to time.​  

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