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 So WHAT IS SkaKoti?  

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For many years, as a real fan of the Nordic styled home decor, I was struggling to find products that could fit my limited budget. When I moved to Asia I would spend hours at home looking online for high quality products, at very low prices, items that I was proud to showcase at the privacy of my own house. My dream was to have one place where I could easily find all these items at affordable prices, items that were inspired by the most popular Nordic styled designs. 

SkaKoti is a one-stop-shop for Nordic styled items that everyone can afford; it is a platform for the most popular home decor accessories at the most accessible prices.  

We at SkaKoti locate beautiful products inspired by the most trendy designs available. We follow  popular designs, Nordic designers and social media influencers and search for products that are inspired by them. We offer these products in one designated place - a market for Nordic styled items at affordable prices.

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